Salzburg family business focuses on animal care from Austria

Both CXEVALO® horse care and CANELO®, the care series for dogs, are brands of the Salzburg-based company founded by the Stelzhammer family in 2006.

Marie Stelzhammer -Team-Cxevalo-Canelo

Founder of CXEVALO® Horesecare

As a passionate product developer, I developed CXEVALO® for the targeted care and relief of the sweet itch of my New Forest Pony Merlin, first. The result is a nature-inspired horse care series of the highest quality. Since then, CXEVALO® has been an insider tip for healthy skin, hooves, hair and coat.

Ulrike Stelzhammer

Dr. rer. nat Ulrike Stelzhammer
Project Management

I joined as a relative newcomer from a different background and take care of all the required stages of planning and manoeuvring that ensure our CXEVALO® horse care products make it to your care kit. Luckily, my office is right beside the mind behind the CXEVALO® team, Marie, and we can discuss all matters swiftly and without complication. Then, when we’ve had enough desk work, I take a walk with Marie to her beloved Merlin and live out my secret childhood dream – learning horse riding.

Wolfgang Stelzhammer - Team-Cxevalo-Canelo

Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Stelzhammer
Production Manager and Business Development

As a managing director with many years of experience in the development and production of health products, I make sure that the production in our manufactory is of very high quality and that natural raw materials with a low CO2 footprint are used. So in spring 2020 we started to produce our herbal extracts ourselves and some of the plants we use grow in our own garden. Furthermore, we have already converted the majority of our packaging materials to sustainable and/or recycled raw materials and are continuing to work on this project.
In addition to the production of our high-quality animal care products, I am also responsible for ensuring that our products are known and sold outside the German-speaking countries in the future.

Merlin Team-Cxevalo

Source of Inspiration

I accompany Marie and Benedikt for more than ten years now and what can I say? Lucky me! Because in my younger years it turned out that I suffer very badly from sweet itch. Every summer my heavy itching made me desperate and I looked terrible with all my rubbing marks. But still then both of them took me into their heart and Marie-Christine started to create a care series especially for me. Since then I can enjoy the summer and hey, I look very handsome again too. I love testing now all the new creations Marie-Christine develops, and I am very grateful for the big relief CXEVALO® has given me.

Fly Air

Fly‘ Air Gräfin von Burg Wildenstein
brand ambassador

For five years now, I have been an integral part of the Stelzhammer family. Originally I come from Burgenland – more precisely from Bocksdorf of Wildenstein Castle. This also explains my title of nobility. My full name is Fly’Air Gräfin von Burg Wildenstein – a great name, isn’t it? And as befits a true countess, representative duties are on my agenda. And may I tell you something? I loooooove it. All the more I was pleased that on my third birthday, July 1st, 2018, my family gave me the first own dog care series as a present. We named it CANELO® – in reference to the horse care CXEVALO®, which is dedicated to my best horse friend Merlin. Like CXEVALO®, my CANELO® products contain natural and precious ingredients. I find this simply royal – and you? What, you do not know my natural CANELO® dog care yet? Then go to the online shop and try it out.

Pferdepflege aus Österreich - CXEVALO
Pferdepflege aus Österreich - CXEVALO
Stallparty - Pferdepflege aus Österreich - CXEVALO
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