• The CXEVALO team will come to YOUR riding stable and you and your guests will learn everything about natural horse care.
  • You will mix your own little horse shampoo with natural ingredients and you can try all the CXEVALO and CANELO products.
  • We invite you to a glass of CXEVALO Prosecco.
  • You can buy the products you like directly.
  • The organization and the participation in the party is free of charge. Your guests have shopped diligently at the end of the party? You as hostess will receive a shopping voucher worth … ? Here is an example: Your guests have bought a total of € 500 = you will receive a shopping voucher for the CXEVALO online shop worth € 50.



Pferdepflege aus Österreich - CXEVALO
Pferdepflege aus Österreich - CXEVALO
Stallparty - Pferdepflege aus Österreich - CXEVALO
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