Because naturalness is the best for our horses, we use CXEVALO® selected plant soaps, extracts and oils!

Soaps on coconut oil basis

We use particularly mild washing-active substances based on vegetable oils and do without artificial and petroleum-based surfactants.

Hamamelis extract

Soothes irritated skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect and is particularly suitable for the care of sweet itch. Hamamelis has astringent (=contracting), cooling, skin-soothing and particularly antioxidant properties. Contained in CXEVALO® and CANELO® coat care spray.

Olive oil

Olive oil naturally contains a very high proportion of oleic acid and therefore has a moisturising and protective effect at the same time. As soap, olive oil is a great alternative to palm oil based products. Olive oil is contained among other things in Hoof Balm, the horse textile detergent and CANELO® Paw Balm.

Birch extract

Birch strengthens, nourishes and protects horse skin and hair, especially in the case of dandruff this extract can have a positive effect. In addition, birch extracts are said to have a hair-growth-promoting effect. (contained in CXEVALO® coat care spray and the dog coat care spray from CANELO®)

Nettle extract

Stinging nettle is said to have an anti-allergenic effect – it is therefore ideally suited for the care of itchy skin complaints and mosquito bites. It also gives natural shine to mane and coat, promotes hair growth and cares for scaly skin (e.g. on the mane comb). (contained in CXEVALO® coat care spray and CANELO® dog shampoos)

Cistrosine tincture

The Greek medicinal herb Cistus incanus (Cystus incanus), also known as cistus, has a positive effect on viral diseases, but can also be used for skin diseases. Cistus incanus contains polyphenols which have an antioxidant effect and are beneficial to health. Among other things, it can relieve itching and positively influence the course of skin irritations. The cistus tincture will be used in the future in the two coat care sprays for horses and dogs.

Clove oil

Even in ancient times, clove oil was an important remedy and was widely used for its anti-inflammatory effect, among other things. Clove oil has a slightly cooling effect and can have a positive effect on hair growth and hair strengthening. (contained in CXEVALO® coat care spray)

Mint oil

Studies have shown that the essential oil is strongly antibacterial – it is therefore particularly suitable for hoof care and the care of the pastern. The cooling effect is especially pleasant in summer and has a positive effect on itchy skin. (contained in CXEVALO® hoof balm and cooling shampoo)

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is said to have an anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect. It also shows antiseptic properties. (contained in CXEVALO® coat care spray)

Lavender oil

Lavender oil has an antiseptic and antibacterial effect. Due to its lovely scent it is often used for nervous excitement. If insect bites are rubbed with it, it can act against the skin irritations typical for insect bites. (contained in CXEVALO® Lavender Shampoo and Fur Care Spray and CANELO® Lavender Shampoo)

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