Under the #equestrianfashion you can find over 229.000 articles on Insta. The outfit of our horses seems to be almost more important than the riding itself. At least when it comes to presentation on social media. You could say now that the whole thing has taken some pretty crazy forms. But hey, we’re horse girls, we’re allowed to…

Whatever your opinion on the topic of horse outfits, you can be sure: with sweat blankets, saddlecloths, bandages, riding breeches, riding jackets and co. an enormous pile of laundry accumulates every week. Even for those of us whose horses do NOT wear a different colour-coordinated outfit every day. Sooner or later the clothes will get dirty anyway.

And then the question arises: use a normal detergent? But what if my horse reacts allergic to the detergent residues in normal human detergents or gets irritated by the artificial detergent scent?

We now have the solution for this! More about this in my new blog entry.

Your Marie-Christine

How does a detergent work?
So-called washing-active substances (soaps) are mainly responsible for keeping laundry clean. In the technical language also called surfactants. You can imagine surfactants as small balls with a looooooong tail on them.

Surfactant molecule
This is roughly how a detergent looks in detail.
The long tail sucks the dirt out of the laundry and the round ball ensures that the absorbed dirt is washed out of the laundry with the rinse water. Depending on what is needed, a detergent can also contain bleach, fragrances and many other additives.

Does the whole thing also exist naturally?
The whole thing sounds ziiiiemlich chemical – but that also exists in natural. How does it work? By using a vegetable oil to produce the detergent – in the case of CXEVALO®, olive oil. The olive oil is boiled up with a lye and thereby an olive oil soap is created which we use as raw material for our horse textile detergent. How does this work with conventional detergents? Well, soaps are made from crude oil, palm oil or sometimes also from animal fat. But we certainly don’t use anything like that in our products.

A detergent for horse clothes!
There are horses that cannot smell a normal human detergent or even react allergic to it. Why is that so? Well, horses are by nature not made to come into contact with detergent. Synthetic fragrances can cause a cough or artificial soaps can cause skin irritation or allergy. It is good that CXEVALO® now offers an alternative for horses. Specially developed for the washing of horse blankets, saddlecloths and Co. but also your riding breeches and sweaters will be super clean with it. The olive oil soaps provide natural cleanliness and the contained sage oil provides a pleasant natural scent that does not irritate your horse. Insider tip: The contained sage oil is also said to have a slightly desifying effect. So your riding clothes will be hygienically clean despite natural care.